all facts are unnecessary


Once upon a time, being super proficient with general knowledge was regarded with great honour. It still is. People used to boast their general knowledge.

“Wait, what? Who does that, bro? In fact, when last day in college that teacher made fun of me because I couldn’t answer him who’s the captain of the IPL team, Chennai Super kings, I hated every moment of it. He knew I didn’t know the answer. And he just wanted to embarrass me. Because I don’t watch sports. Besides isn’t that piece of information all over the web? What’s there to brag in knowing that anyway?”

Wow! that’s deep. And I can not say you are wrong. If in your day to day lives you are being judged by older people for uttering facts pertaining to a topic incorrectly, or not accurately (as much as a book), don’t feel depressed by their taunts. It’s probably generation gap that is causing that clash between you and the people on the other side.

They probably belong to a generation where not cheap internet on the tips of the fingers, but people who read books, magazines or newspapers were the primary sources of information. And since such people were so few in number, knowledge was regarded as a limited people entity, a light meant for the boss, or the older and wiser person to emanate.

However, with that being said, I’d like to clarify that if I were one of those older people, after learning what happened with Johnathan, I would seriously think twice before showing my general knowledge off in 2022.

Let’s read about a 35 year old Johnathan, an Indian IT employee:

Johnathan had always been the general knowledge champ. He had been wearing that badge since he was 10. He attributed that habit to his Father’s values, which always highlighted the importance of knowledge in a man. Current affairs gave him a sense of confidence.

Days went by. And after graduating from an engineering college, he bagged a job in IT industry, where he went on to become one of the most decorated employees, spending more corporate time abroad than in India. After working for 12 odd years, he became a consultant.

One fine day, he was sitting in a meeting with the business team. And out of nowhere a discussion erupted about marketing sector. That discussion took him back to when his father had once told him that the concept of advertising never existed in China.

Immediately, he said, “Did you know? The concept of advertising doesn’t exist in China.”
One man instantly hijacked the discussion and exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? China is the largest advertising market in Asia.”
“Yes, those days are long gone, mate.”

A wave of embarrassment swept over his heart. Trying really hard to control his emotions, he somehow managed to spend the rest of the time in the meeting as quiet as a corpse. As soon as the meeting was over and he was on his own, he wasted no time to google ‘Advertising in China’. And he found out his Father was indeed wrong.