Gang Gang: An Anthology of Authentic Songs
Author Abhishek Dasgupta
You realise how fast slow really is when you let it grow slowly.
Abhishek Dasgupta

Abhishek Dasgupta

Abhishek Dasgupta, a 27 year old computer science engineer from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology), is a former Tata Consultancy Services employee. After having worked for 3.5 years, he decided to resign on September 10, 2019 so as to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. But within a few months, life was not about to be the same ever again for anyone as a deadly pandemic by the name of COVID-19 was about to penetrate into each corner of the world. And therefore, all his entrepreneurial aspirations met a crashing halt when commenced a nationwide lockdown. Caught up in a catch-22 situation, without a full-time employment in hand, he decided to pursue his 18 year old passion for music and started writing his first book ever, Gang Gang, an anthology of authentic songs.


My First Book

‘Gang Gang, An Anthology Of Authentic Songs’ is my debut book. It is a collection of lyrics of my original songs, all of which revolve around two major genres that I have grown up with: Rock and Hip-hop.

Based on the several subgenres of the aforementioned genres, the entire book is divided into five volumes. The primary subgenre(s) of:

  • ‘Am I Under Siege?’ is Alternative rock.
  • ‘Hoop ‘N’ Cross_Denim’ are Modern blues and Lo-fi hip-hop.
  • ‘Hoop ‘N’ Cross_Black’ is Pop rock.
  • ‘Women ‘N’ Drugs’ are Lo-fi hip-hop and Trap rap.
  • ‘Plain Street Correction’ are Hard trap and Old-school hip-hop.


Now Available

Gang Gang: An Anthology of Authentic Songs

Gang Gang: An Anthology of Authentic Songs